Thursday, June 24, 2010

Branson AirExpress coming to Indianapolis

When I first heard that the Indianapolis Airport was adding a new airline, I was excited. What new destinations would be available via nonstop flights? Would airfares fall with stiffer competition?

When I learned that the new service was from Branson AirExpress, I have to admit I was disappointed. I’ve since recovered.

Despite the fact that the addition of Branson AirExpress seems like “small” news, it really is good news for central Indiana residents. As the press release stated, thousands of Hoosiers make the 8-hour drive to Branson every year. Clearly there is demand for the tourist destination in southern Missouri, and this puts it much more easily in reach. The introductory fares are low, which hopefully will fill up the planes that will be flying four times per week.

For now, the airline also offers connecting service to Austin, Texas and Houston’s Hobby airport also for fairly low introductory fares. This is where low fares will hopefully trigger similar low fares from other airlines serving those markets.

Hoosier fliers are winners today. Let’s hope there’s more news like this to come, putting more destinations within easier reach.