Friday, July 16, 2010

Globus unveils 2011 religious vacations

Globus, one of the world's most respected tour operators and one of the first operators to embrace religious travel, has unveiled its 2011 religious vacation packages.

The company's 10-day Journey To The Holy Land tour is one of its most popular offerings. In 2011, Globus will add a 12-day tour that combines Israel, Jordan and Egypt.

Globus is one of Harmony Travel's preferred suppliers. Contact us for more information about a faith-based vacation that will fit your needs.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Get a jump on jet lag

I'm one of the lucky ones. Usually a quick nap in my new location and I'm good to go - no jet lag for me. Others of course have more of a problem adjusting to a shift in time zones.

While there are plenty of theories out there, here's some solid advice from the New England Journal of Medicine.

Get as much daylight as you can to help reset your body's clock when you change several time zones after a long flight. When traveling to a later time zone, soak up as much light as possible late in the day. When traveling to earlier time zones, exposure to light in the early morning will help.

If you're sleepy when you arrive, take a short nap, but avoid long naps in the afternoon since they disrupt your nightly sleep and decrease your exposure to light.