Friday, April 27, 2007

Ted's Montana Grill

Ted’s Montana Grill is a relatively new restaurant chain owned by Ted Turner. There are about 50 locations in 18 states. I ate at the one in Kansas City, Kansas.

Ted’s boasts about two things – fresh ingredients and eco-friendly. Our waitress informed us that there are no microwaves at Ted’s and no freezers (except for the ice cream). Everything is freshly prepared. The restaurant also uses recycled paper for its menus and no plastic – not even the straws.

There are basically three meats to choose from at Ted’s – beef, chicken and bison. They also have a couple of fish entrees. You can choose from almost 20 ways to get a burger – beef or bison – and about 15 ways to get a chicken sandwich. They also offer bison and beef steaks.

As an appetizer, I opted for the chili fries. Homemade fries covered with bison chili, cheese and dried jalapenos. They were very tasty and also very filling.

Because of the filling appetizer, I was tempted to opt for just a soup and salad for dinner, but my eyes got the better of me and convinced me to order the 7 oz. fillet. It was very tender and flavorful and came with a vegetable and potato. I opted for squash casserole, which I did not care for, and a sweet potato.

I was too stuffed for desert, although the waitress tempted me with strawberry shortcake.

My beverage of choice throughout the meal was freshly squeezed lemonade. Delicious.

Overall, pretty good food, but in my opinion nothing that really separates it from other steakhouses.

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